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Lord Ayyappa is the presiding deity of Sabarimala, the best known pilgrimage destination in Kerala. Sabarimala attracts millions of devotees every year from all around. Both legend and history bear ample testimony for belief such as that Rishi Parasurama who reclaimed Kerala from sea by throwing his axe, installed the idol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa. Mandala Pooja starting around middle November and Makaravilakku during middle of January are the two main events of the pilgrim season November through January. The temple remains closed during the rest of the year except for the first five days of every Malayalam month, and during Vishu in April & Onam in September. The temple is open to males only of any caste or creed of all age groups, but to women who have only either passed their fertility age or hasn’t reached the stage of puberty. Certain prerequisites as Irumudikettu, pious life, etc. a must to enter temple and the Pathinettampadi ( the eighteen holy steps).

Of the several pilgrimage Centers as Nilakkal, Erumeli, Pandalam, Kulathoopuzha, Achankoil, Aryankkavu and Muhamma, the unique significance Muhamma has is that during the early years of Swamy Ayyappan as Manikandan the adopted son of Pandalam Raaja (King) took his training / learning in martial arts (kalari murakal) from Kalari Gurukkal at Cheerappanchira family in Muhamma at Alapuzha District in Kerala. The Kudil ( Hermitage) wherein Swamy Ayyappan lived in Muhamma during his martial art learning period is still being preserved in its original form by the inheritors of Cheerappanchira family from generation to generation. More on the present inheritors / Governors of the Hermitage, its future plans for continued preservation and development on following pages. It is a place of peace, power, wish fulfillment and eco-spiritual consciousness. A place of understanding that each human – man or woman, rich or poor – is a child of one spirit, one energy, one love, one God. The eco-spiritual consciousness is caused by an earth-based energy specific to only certain holy places may be experienced here. Visiting holy places, believably, have the power to heal body, enlighten mind and awaken the soul. You are sure to experience it here at Muhamma Cheerappanchirayil Lord Ayyappa Nivasa Centre.

It is as well significant to note that in reverence to the Kalari Guru of Swamy Ayyappan, a temple was ordained to be built up nearby to the Hermitage (kudil), and Mukkalvattam Swamy Ayyappa Temple nearby is believed to be the one !.


 Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa


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