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A place of peace, power, wish fulfillment and eco-spiritual consciousness. A place of understanding that each human – man or woman, rich or poor – is a child of one spirit, one energy, one love, one God. The eco-spiritual consciousness is caused by an earth-based energy specific to only certain holy places may be experienced here. Visiting holy places, believably, have the power to heal body, enlighten mind and awaken the soul. You experience it here at Muhamma Cheerappanchirayil Lord Ayyappa Nivasa Centre.

Generation to generation the inheritors of Muhamma Cheerappanchira family down to the present Governors of the Hermitage (believed to be the kudil wherein Lord Ayyappa lived during the  Kalari Abhyasa Padana days at Muhamma) endeavored to preserve and maintain the Hermitage in its original form and shape. Nevertheless, the Governors of the Hermitage feel that it is not enough….. We have to do much more. To achieve this objective we have formulated a vision for the future. The realization of this vision is “Muhamma Cheerappanchirayil Lord Ayyappa Nivasa Centre”. The concept originates from Sabarimala pilgrimage principles of equality and no caste, no creed brotherhood of man, and the great objective epitomized by the ancient prayer “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu”, and the dictum helping the needy is as well a prayer!

Plans are aplenty – a host of projects in the offing. Rejuvenate the Hermitage, landscaping, boundary protection, an ayurvedic garden, a prayer cum spiritual seminar hall cum auditorium, a annadhaana centre, Navagraha Pooja facility, retirement, bath, cloak & comfort stations for visiting devotees, and anything and everything helpful to the needy. Plenty of opportunities awaiting those interested to patronise. Depending on the progress of the proposed projects, the visiting devotees will have increased amenities for spending more time in meditation, relaxation, spiritual pursuits and self fulfillment. Patrons have the opportunity to leave their dedication vis-à-vis the projects they associate in their own name or in their loved or respected ones as the patrons desire.


 Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa



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